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Troikaa Translation Services is an online translation company that helps individuals and businesses achieve what they are looking for when it comes to translation services. Troikaa Translation Services provides an easy way to have individuals and companies get their documents, websites and typed text translated for a variety of needs. It is a translation agency that has only professional translators at its service to ensure that customers receive the best kind of translation service possible. Troikaa is also surrounded by the most advanced technology, so that our professional translators can provide the finest translation service with the highest standards. Troikaa is a translation agency made for customers and their businesses. When Troikaa takes on a translation project from clients, everything is calculated well for the clients to ensure that their time and money are not wasted. Troikaa is fast becoming one of the most reliable professional translation agencies that provides services, such as interpreting and translations services online for all kinds of businesses.

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Troikaa Translation Services provides specialised language departments for a range of business translation and interpreting. With Troikaa, clients can look forward to professionalism, accuracy and reliability. For Troikaa, the quality of the work, providing an excellent customer service, being reliable and offering quick turnaround times are what matter the most to ensure that clients get the best of services. In any field, including marketing, medical, technical or legal, our team of professional translators and interpreters are qualified in their specified fields. At Troikaa, our experienced team work hard to make sure that the clients’ projects will not end up being time consuming and costly.

Great experience and trusted service. I had an urgent need to have my Birth Certificate issued in Kuwait translated from Arabic into English with a notarized of translation of true copy. They were very professional and delivered what they committed to on time. I highly recommend their services if clients are looking for similar requirements.

Sam Mathai K

TROIKAA Translation Services-India,one of the most prestigious, reliable and very experienced Translation Agencies in India. Being a Freelance Bengali & Assamese Language Translator since the last 19 years, I have communicated with lots of Troikaa Officials and have built up a very good relationship with them.

Prasun Kumar Dey

This company is my priority. The PM support is 24X7. Flexible enough to understand the problem of translator. The rates are very good and Shadab never hesitates to pay from his pocket to get higher quality. He never compromises the quality. The payment terms are early. Whether he receives or not, he never makes a translator suffer.

Shalu Kheterpal

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